Carrying woods in a bicycle

12 °C used to be a very low temperature for me, a costarrican inhabitant living in Canada. This wednesday I found it warm. It’s amazing how fast the body can adapt. It was so warm that I took advantage of it and decided to carry the piece of woods for my Design Exhibit Project.

It is probably a 40 minutes walk so I was thinking carrying the woods on my shoulder. Then, my girlfriend came across with the idea of use the bike. This idea was borrowed from the guy who sold us the bike. He saw us carrying a mattress in our heads and then he suggested to used the bike. I was quite sceptical with the idea but it works like a charm.

So I decided to try it again with these  80in pieces. I tied them in the bike and just pushed  my bike to the university. In a near future, this pieces of wood would be part of our multitouch rear screen.  Here is the picture of me and my bike in front of my final destination.


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